"If we all had a bong, we'd all get along."

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All natural hemp merchandise, apparel and superior all natural lifestyle products. See ya soon folks.

Weeders Dedication

At Weeders we are dedicated to bringing you, our customers the highest-grade products on the market. Our boutique selections of products are "high" quality. All of the product sold on our site comes from smaller boutique growing operations where the employees are able to take more care and give more attention to each and every plant they grow. Also we make sure that all of our product are clean, pure, true to its flavor, smooth, and clarity are very important to us. We focus our efforts on having the quality and not worrying about quantity, you may notice that our selection of products is smaller than other online boutique but we assure you that no other boutiques will have products that match Weeders quality. Enjoy!

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